Safari Hat Crafts

Zedcor Wholly Owned/ Images

The first item any jungle explorer needs is a safari hat to protect him from the sun and creepy critters. Safari themes are popular for kids' birthday parties and educational programs, but you may also see an adult wearing a safari hat as a costume for Halloween. Whether they'll be covering big or little heads, safari crafts will outfit you with headwear for your expedition.

Paper Plate Hats

This easy safari hat craft is appropriate for kids. Make the basic structure of the hat by cutting the center out of a paper plate, and covering the hole with an upside-down paper bowl. Glued together, the paper plate looks like the brim of the safari hat, and the bowl looks like the rounded top of the hat. After your child glues the plate and bowl together, let him decorate the hat with crayons, markers, stickers, foam shapes and other craft embellishments. Add a chinstrap by taping a long piece of yarn to the inside of the hat.

Decorative Hats

If you’re throwing a safari event for a group of kids, let them decorate their own safari hats. Purchase plastic safari hats or simple cloth bucket hats and raid your stash of craft supplies and embellishments. Give kids paint and let them recreate their favorite animal print on the hat. Or let them use safari-themed foam shapes and letters. Stickers work better on plastic hats, but puff paint and glitter glue work well for both plastic and cloth hats.

Brown Paper Bag Hat

Make a safari hat from a large brown paper grocery bag and brown packing tape. Remove the paper handles, and roll the open end of the bag back on itself. The rolled part of the bag will be the brim of the hat. Fold the rolled part so that it’s positioned perpendicular to the rest of the bag. Put it on your head and scrunch the top part of the bag around your head, molding it against your head. Use packing tape to secure the hat into the shape that you want. Cover the whole hat in packing tape, if needed.

Straw Safari Hat

Transform a regular straw hat into a safari hat with just a few minor changes. Add a strip of cloth around the crown of the hat, just above the brim. Hot glue it in place, or simply tie it in a knot. Trim the loose ends, flattening them against the cloth and gluing them in place. Add a chinstrap to the underside of your hat by attaching the ends of a long nylon cord to either side of hat, close to where a person’s ears would be when the hat is worn. Grip the cord that hangs down, and tie an overhand knot close to the chin.