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Rules for Yahtzee Free For All

Yahtzee Free for All uses dice like the old game and adds chips and cards.
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Yahtzee Free for All is a new twist on an old favorite dice game. The new game sports a nifty package and inventive game board design. It features new rules by which you can win cards and chips and even get a chance to steal other players' points. Yahtzee Free for All is sure to challenge you from the very first throw of the dice.

Players' Areas

The Yahtzee Free for All board looks like a die that folds out into six players’ areas, according to a game review on the YouTube website. The game is meant for two to six players, but if you have enough open areas on the board, players can play more than one. Or simply play two areas if you have two players or three areas for three players.


The Yahtzee Free for All game comes with a deck of cards. Each card displays a traditional Yahtzee roll, such as one of a kind, two of a kind, full house, large straight or a Yahtzee, according to the YouTube video. The first player turns three cards up in the center of the board and can play for any of the three hands showing. Each card is worth two to four points; each Yahtzee card is worth 10.


The player rolls the dice three times to try to obtain the desired hand, keeping the dice she wants after each roll, like a traditional Yahtzee game. If she succeeds in reaching the hand of one of the three cards showing, she places the card she won in her player's area, along with the dice that allowed her to win that hand, says the YouTube video. If, for example, she won a “three-of-a-kind” card with fours, she’d place the card in her player’s area, plus the three dice behind it with the fours showing.


Yahtzee Free for All also comes with a set of small black chips, worth one point each, says the YouTube video. If a player is unable to win any of the three hands showing, she places one of these chips below each of the three cards. If the next player wins one of the hands, he wins the card, plus the accompanying chip.


Players go after not only the hands in the center of the board, but they can also play for a hand another player has, says the YouTube video. This is called stealing. The only way to steal a hand from another player, however, is to score a higher hand than the player whose card you’re trying to take. If, for example, you’re trying to steal the three of a kind with the fours showing, you’d need to score three fives or three sixes to take the card. Players, however, cannot steal chips attached to a particular hand another player won.


Play the game until you run out of cards or chips. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

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