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Rules for How to Play Domino Games Using Double 15

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The game you can play with double 15 dominoes is Super Dominoes. Super Dominoes is played with two or more players and is similar to the game Block Dominoes, or poker. The object of the game is to get rid of as many dominoes as possible, and to have the least amount of pips on your dominoes. Super Dominoes deals with a "boneyard," which is a discard pile; a "fat spinner," which is the first double domino laid down; and pips, which are the dots on the dominoes.

Deal nine tiles to each player and place the rest of the dominoes into the boneyard. Determine who goes first. The player who goes first is the player with the highest domino. The person with the highest domino is the person when the highest number when they add the pips up on both sides of the domino. For example, the highest possible domino is a 15-15, and the second-highest would be a 15-14. The first player lays down a double domino; if she does not have one, the turn skips to the next player. The next player is always the player to the left.

Direct each player to place a domino with a number against an edge of another domino with the same number. For example if there is a 7-7 domino on the board, and you have a 2-7 domino, place the 7 edge against one of the edges of the double domino. If you have a double domino, you can lay it on an edge with its own number, or an edge of the number 13. The number 13 acts as a wild card for double dominoes. If you do not have a domino that matches an edge on the board, you must pass your turn.

Be aware of what dominoes other players lay down. If a player lays down a number 15, all other players must take a domino from the boneyard. If a player lays down a number 14, that player gets to take a second turn, and if a player lays down a number 13, the next player must play on that domino. If the next player cannot play on the number 13 domino, they must take two dominoes from the boneyard and the next player must play on the number 13 domino, this is called being under a spell. Each time a number 3 domino is played, the order of player's reverses, and if a player ends his turn by placing a double domino, the next player loses his turn.

Look for specific double dominoes at the beginning of the game. If the starting double or "fat spinner" domino is a 15-15, all other players must take one domino from the bone yard. If the fat spinner is a 14-14, the player gets to take a second turn, if the fat spinner is a 13-13, all the players are under a spell until it is broken, and if the fat spinner is a 3-3, the normal play circle is reversed.

Watch for the person with the lowest dominoes, because the person who runs out of dominoes first wins. If everyone still has dominoes but no one can take a turn, the person with the fewest dominoes wins. If there is a tie, count up the pips on their remaining dominoes; the person with the smallest number wins.

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