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Romantic Scavenger Hunt Questions

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Spice up your day of romance with a scavenger hunt on Valentine's, or make the game extra exciting by having an engagement ring waiting for your love at the end of the hunt. A scavenger hunt is played like a treasure hunt, with the answer to each question providing a clue to the location of the next item. Romantic questions not only help advance the game -- they make getting there more fun.

Theme Hunt

Create a theme for your scavenger hunt based on your loved one's interests. If she adores "Casablanca," give her a Casablanca-themed scavenger hunt. Choose questions that focus on romance. For example: Where did Rick kiss Ilsa farewell? (The answer, "the airport," will be the location of your next clue -- maybe you made a deal with the waiter at the airport restaurant to hold the note containing your next cryptic question -- "What was Rick and Ilsa's theme song?" The answer, "As Time Goes By" will, coincidentally, be what the bar pianist suddenly plays.)

Progressive Hunt

Take your love on a treasure hunt that matches the progression of your relationship. Perhaps your first question will be, "Where did we first meet?" The hunt will start, for example, at the church, school or office building where the two of you first met. The second clue will be hidden in some fairly easy-to-find spot at that location, and might read, "We first kissed on this spot." The progressive hunt is especially apropos if an engagement ring is waiting at the end.

Tour Hunt

Take your loved one on a romantic tour of the nearest metropolis. Such tours can be magical if they include spots like large fountains or lakes, a carriage ride or a shady park bench. End the hunt in the evening in a place with a spectacular view of the city, such as a scenic overlook on the side of a mountain or in a restaurant on the top floor of a skyscraper. Sample questions might include: "What's a good spot to make a wish?" or "What's the most romantic way to get around town?"

Literary Hunt

If your loved one is the literary type, or just likes poetry, a scavenger hunt that moves from one love poem to another can be quite romantic. Such a poem might start in a cozy bookstore and progress to one lovely spot after another in which books of love poetry are already waiting -- each marked with a rose. Sample questions might include: "Shall I compare thee to...." The answer, "a summer's day," might turn out to be a sunny park bench on which another book is waiting -- this time, perhaps containing the love letters of famous couples.

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