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How to Replace an Invicta Watch Battery Without a Tool

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Replacing an Invicta watch battery without the proper tools can be performed, but it can be difficult if the screwdown case back is too stubborn to unscrew. Replacing the battery without a tool is not recommended and could void the warranty if the watch is new. Using you fingers to remove the old battery and replace it with a new one may shorten the life of the battery by contaminating it with oils. If you are replacing a dead battery that has leaked acid in its holder, the lack of cleaning materials to properly clean it could lead to further damage.

Place the Invicta watch face down in the palm of your hand. Place you fingertips around the edges of the screwdown case back and grip tightly. Rotate the case back counterclockwise. If it loosens, rotate the case back until it’s free from the case. Use a rubberized jar grip opener if the case back is stubborn. Use you fingertips again to loosen the case back by unscrewing it. The case back should loosen.

Remove the rubber gasket between the case and case back. This gasket seals the watch and protects it from moisture.

Locate the Invicta battery, which is a silver disc secured in a holder. It will be held by a small side spring or a flat strap over the top of the battery. Insert your fingernail between the battery and spring and flip the watch over to allow the battery to fall out. Insert your fingernail into the screw slot if the battery is held by a strap. Rotate your finger counterclockwise until the screw is loosened. Don’t remove the screw. Use the corner of a thin plastic card, such as a supermarket club card, if your fingernail is not strong enough to turn the screw.

Push aside the strap once its retaining screw is loosened and flip the watch over to allow the battery to fall out.

Examine the holder to ensure the old battery has not leaked any acid. Don’t blow on the watch movement with you breathe to clear dust, debris or foreign material from the interior of the case. Your breathe contains moisture and tiny particles that will damage the watch. Use a small clean cloth or lintless paper towel, if available, to wipe the battery holder clean.

Use the tips of you fingers, or your fingernails if long enough, to insert the battery into its holder. Try not to handle the battery more than necessary. Secure the battery and replace the rubber gasket and case back in the reverse order that you removed it.

Things You'll Need:

  • Clean cloth
  • Jar opener grip, if available


Thoroughly wash you hands and clean your fingernails before replacing the battery.


  • You are performing a task that could be harmful to your watch. Consider having an authorized Invicta dealer replace the battery. It’s likely you will void the warranty if you perform the task yourself.
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