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How to Repair Smith & Wesson Knives

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Best known for their firearms, Smith & Wesson also lends its respected brand name to a series of knives manufactured by Taylor Brands LLC. As with any tool, these knives require diligent stewardship in order to remain effective and reliable. Sometimes these knives require more than simple conservation and need to be repaired by a skilled professional. Here are some tips for how to repair Smith & Wesson knives and insure their longevity as useful tools.

Store your knives in a dry, cool location so as to avoid moisture and inspect them regularly. Keep the knife sharp, preferably using a Smith & Wesson sharpener like the Diamond Dust model, and be sure to clean and polish regularly using vegetable oil and beeswax. Folding knives require additional maintenance for joints and locking devices. You will need to regularly clean the joints to avoid debris buildup and lightly lubricate the locking device with Dri Lube for optimal performance.

Send your knife to the manufacturer for repairs. Smith & Wesson knives come with a limited lifetime warranty from Taylor Brands LLC and they will repair manufacturer defects in clips and blades as well as replace parts such as missing screws. The warranty does not cover natural materials like bone, wood and pearl. If the knife is from a discontinued series then Taylor Brands will use its discretion to replace it with a knife of comparable value to the one you sent for repair. The warranty is voided if you attempt to repair the knife yourself. Consult your warranty information for additional details on shipping and handling costs.

Contact your local knife dealer if your knife has been discontinued but you do not want it replaced because of its personal significance. The dealer will not repair your knife for you, but he might offer useful tips on what you can safely do to repair a discontinued knife or one with damages that fall outside of what the limited lifetime warranty covers. Use Smith & Wesson's website to locate dealers and vendors near you if you are not sure who to contact for advice.

Things You'll Need:

  • Knife sharpener
  • Vegetable oil
  • Beeswax
  • Dri Lube
  • Warranty


  • Be extremely careful when handling and cleaning knives. Always cut away from you and only use cutting boards made from materials that have some give to them like wood and plastic.
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