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How Much Are Old Gustav Emil Ern Butcher Knives Worth?

Pricing Collectible Knives
bread knives image by timur1970 from Fotolia.com

There are a number of factors that must be considered when placing a value on vintage Gustav Emil Ern butcher knives. Unlike military knives or collector knives, the value of Gustav Emil Ern knives stems from their high-quality construction of the highest-grade stainless steel and their usefulness to butchers, chefs and cooks.


Antiques and collectibles generally fall into two basic categories: specific-purpose items that you will utilize on a regular basis and those items that you hope will appreciate in value over the course of time. When considering the value of Gustav Emil Ern knives other factors such as age, condition, knife style, size and material will come into play.


Gustav Emil Ern knives have a long and storied history of superior quality and fine craftsmanship. The world-renowned knives are produced near the German/Netherlands border in Solingen, Germany, a city that has been dubbed “The City of Blades.” Solingen is home to a number of manufacturing facilities that produce knives, cutlery and high-quality stainless personal grooming items.


Gustav Emil Ern knives are produced in a wide range of sizes and styles which impact the value of the item. These are purpose-driven knives, designed for specific functions such as carving, butchering, shaving and boning. Based on the specific use, the knives will range in length, width and thickness or flexibility of the blade. All of these factors will need to be considered when determining the value of the knife.


As with any other collectibles, the age, condition and available supply of specific Gustav Emil Ern knives will be a primary consideration when setting the value. With these types of items it is very difficult to determine availability. Age will play a role in the scarcity of the knife, with the supply of older styles increasing the rarity. Older knives in rough or damaged condition may retain a greater value based solely on the available supply


When considering the condition of a Gustav Emil Ern knife, keep in mind that they are famed for their ability to retain a razor-sharp working edge. Proper care and professional sharpening can easily restore these finely crafted blades to near new condition, thereby increasing the value.


After considering these factors in setting the price for Gustav Emil Ern knives, the final thing to factor in is comparable pricing. It is wise to check into prices that are being set for not only similar Ern Knives, but also similar knives by other top manufacturers, such asF. Dick, Henckels and Wusthof. If knives of similar style, age and condition are falling into a specific price range, chances are your knife will fit into this same range.

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