How to Repair Scratched Ray-Bans

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Ray-Bans brand sunglasses are stylish while providing eye protection from the sun. If one of the plastic lenses on your Ray-Bans becomes scratched, these need not be replaced because the lenses can be repaired with etching cream. To repair the scratched plastic on Ray-Bans brand sunglasses yourself, use common household items as well as supplies from a jeweler’s store or optical lens store.

Run tap water over the scratched Ray-Bans brand sunglasses’ lens to remove loose dirt. Wipe the lens with a soft cloth, using slow circular motions. Let the Ray-Bans air dry before continuing.

Apply etching cream to the tip of a cotton swab. Place the tip of the cotton swab against the lens, to one side of the scratch. Press down on the lens, firmly but gently, and drag the swab across the length of the scratch. Lift the swab off the lens at the other side of the scratch.

Wet an edge of another soft cloth with cold tap water. Place the edge of the cloth against the lens to one side of the scratch. Press down firmly on the lens as you drag the cloth along the length of the scratch. Lift the scratch off the lens once you reach the other side of the scratch. Repeat this process an additional four times.

Angle the lens so that you can see if the scratch is still visible. If the scratch can still be seen, reapply etching cream and repeat the process with the cloth again.

Spray the lens with lens cleaner. Wipe the lens with another soft cloth, using slow circular motions. Let the lens air dry before putting on the Ray-Bans.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft cloths
  • Etching cream
  • Cotton swab
  • Lens cleaner spray


  • Wash off and wipe the other side of the lens that was scratched as well as the other lens when you are finished with the repair. Protective clothing, hand or eyewear are not necessary to complete this task.


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