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How to Repair a Lladro

The Lladro Museum is located in Tavernes Blanques in Spain.
Antequera, Spain image by Peter Jarvis from Fotolia.com

Lladro is a Spanish company that designs, manufactures and sells fine porcelain giftware and collectible art pieces. According to the company website, the Lladro brothers have designed and sculpted classic and high porcelain sculptures since the 1950's. Lladro porcelain is widely collected throughout the world. Lladro is sold online and in select, authorized Lladro boutiques.

Authorized Lladro retailers are found in most big cities.
sign. gift shop image by L. Shat from Fotolia.com

Determine if your Lladro piece is covered under Lladro's Assurance Program. According to the company every Lladro sculpture is insured if bought at an authorized Lladro retailer. This entitles the customer to free replacement parts or the ability to purchase a new replacement sculpture at a discounted price.

Ideally, you should register for the Lladro Assurance Program at the time of purchase.
paperwork image by Pix by Marti from Fotolia.com

Contact an authorized Lladro retailer to send in the Lladro Assurance Program paperwork or alternatively register online to access the program.

Lladro sculptures are known for their muted colors and smooth glazes.
porcelain-figure of girl image by Lucy Cherniak from Fotolia.com

Ask the authorized Lladro retailer for a local certified Lladro restoration artist if the sculpture isn't covered under Lladro's Assurance Program.



Purchase Lladro sculptures in an authorized Lladro boutique to take advantage of the company's free insurance program.


  • If you choose to use a restoration artist don't try to glue or repair a Lladro yourself; this can make the repair more difficult.
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