Printable Valentine's Day Temporary Tattoos

The kids will go crazy for these cute and fun Valentine temporary tattoos! You can give them to your kids to hand out to their friends, or keep them and stick them all over your kids (or yourself!). They are unbelievably easy to make, so let's get started!

Download the designs and print them off, following the directions on your tattoo paper. I recommend using the photo paper setting, if possible! This really helps the designs print out brightly and clearly.

Once you have followed all of the directions on your tattoo paper, use your scissors to cut out the designs.

Follow the instructions that come with your temporary tattoo paper to apply. Typically, you'll need to peel off the plastic backing, place the tattoo where you want it, and use a wet paper towel to apply. Let dry, and then enjoy and have fun!

About the Author

Kersey Campbell is the creative mama of one little guy and blogs daily over on And We Play – a site filled with DIYs for kids, products they love as a family, and their adventures in daily life.