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Printable Christian Craft Ideas for Children

Printable crafts can make craft time easier.
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Engaging a child’s mind as well as their hands increases the amount of story retention. Creating story characters gives the children the opportunity to act out the bible story for their parents on the way home from church. The crafts remain as a physical reminder of the bible story or verse they learned earlier in the week. Printable templates shorten preparation time for Sunday school teachers and parents.

Toilet Paper Roll Bible Characters

Everyday toilet paper rolls can be turned into fun bible characters. Print the character template on heavy cardstock. Some templates can be printed in black and white so children can color it with markers or crayons. Once printed, cut out the template pieces. Younger children may need help with this stage. Glue or tape the body onto the roll. Hold it in place until the glue sets. Glue the remaining pieces to the roll. Once the children have assembled the character, have them act out the story with their toilet paper roll person.

Stuffed Paper Heart

Teaching children about God’s love, this craft makes a puffy heart children can hang from their ceiling or from a door knob. Print two copies of John 3:16 on red paper for each child. Cut out each verse in the shape of a heart. For younger children, staple around the heart leaving a small hole at the top. Older children can punch holes around the edges and sew the two hearts together with yarn. Stuff the hearts with cotton balls and staple or sew up the remaining hole.

Bible Story Puzzles

Print a picture representing the bible story being taught. Cut the picture into pieces and laminate each piece separately. Depending on the age of the children, the puzzle‘s difficulty can be adjusted based on how many pieces the puzzle is cut into. As the children are assembling the picture, talk about the story. Glue a magnet onto each piece so the children can assemble the puzzle on the refrigerator at home.

Tissue Paper Crafts

Gluing tissue paper is another way to decorate printable crafts. Many bible stories crafts can be accented with tissue paper squares. For example, print an outline of a rainbow. Have the children glue on different colored tissue paper squares as the story of Noah’s Ark is read. Another bible story could be Joseph in the Old Testament. Print a large picture of Joseph wearing the multi-colored coat. The children can glue different colors of tissue paper to decorate Joseph’s coat.

Paper Dolls

Act out different bible scenes using printable paper dolls. Print the bible characters needed for the story. If time or cutting ability is a concern, cut the characters out before craft time. If the characters are in black and white, allow the children to color them with markers or crayons. Once colored, have the children glue the characters onto wooden craft sticks. Act out the story with the paper dolls.

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