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What Are Some Practical & Impractical Uses for Silly Putty?

Use them by the eggfull.
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No one could have known that a a World War II experiment with silicone polymers to make rubber substitutes would result in one of the most beloved childhood playthings of all time. Silly Putty has become an American icon because of its ability to bend, stretch, bounce, mold and pool. While kids may have hours of fun with it, you might be surprised to find out just how versatile it can be.


Silly Putty may be fun for kids, but it can also be fun for an adult. If you want to secretly practice golf, use a rolled-up ball of Silly Putty instead of a regular golf ball. When you hit it, it won’t make a sound. Replace that lost ping pong ball with Silly Putty; it bounces. When you sit down to play a board game and find your dice missing, make Silly Putty dice. Mold two pieces into squares, and make holes with a pencil for numbers.


Use Silly Putty to pick up dirt and lint when you’re in a rush to clean or when your vacuum is on the fritz. Roll it into a long snake, and then roll it across the carpet. Then squeeze it into a ball, and dab fuzz off furnishings and drapes. Finally, slide Silly Putty across the blinds, one at a time, for a good dusting.

Financial Planning

When you are at a loss for what stocks to invest in, take the advice of the winner of the Crayola contest, “Top 50 Silliest Uses for Silly Putty!” Tack up the newspaper on your wall and throw a wad of putty at it. Peel it off and invest in the stocks that are imprinted upon it.

Hiding Things

Silly Putty will hold your items in place until you need them. Try tacking your house key under a lawn chair when you have to leave it for the repair man or your car key under your fender with putty when you drop it off at the mechanics after he has closed shop. Hang it from a fixture or ceiling fan to tack up notes for yourself.

Light the Way

Purchase Glow-In-the-Dark Silly Putty to put on your light switch plates. When you come home and the room is dark, just look for the glowing spot on the wall. This can also help you find the snooze button on your alarm clock, the circuit breakers when you blow a fuse, and your closet where you keep flashlights and candles if a black out should occur unexpectedly.

In the Office

Silly Putty makes a fine insulator for your cup or soda can to keep your beverages the temperature you like while you are working. If you’re fingers are starting to get tired of pushing that pen or pencil, wrap a thick layer of Silly Putty around it for a soft cushion and to improve your grip. If you need to copy something down quickly, but don’t have a pad or pen, just press your wad of silly putty to it, peel it off and carry the note back to your office.

Detective Work

Use Silly Putty to copy documents when someone’s back is turned. Lift fingerprints from a slick surface by pressing silly putty to them. Use a wad of silly putty to affix a microphone or miniature recorder under a table. If you get caught, destroy the evidence by squeezing and stretching it quickly.

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