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How to Play Trouble

Hasbro's Trouble is a race to get all of your pegs to the Finish line before the other players, without getting sent Home by a lucky opponent. Trouble is primarily a game of chance, where a pop of the game's built-in dice popper can spell victory or disaster. The game can be played by two to four people and has few rules to learn, making it a good choice to play with anyone aged five and up.

Setting Up

Once you've inserted the game board's rubber feet into their slots, set up the board in the middle of the table. Everyone picks a color and places their set of four pegs in the Home slots. All players take turns pressing the dice popper to roll the die; whoever gets the highest roll goes first, with play continuing to the left of the starting player.

Leaving Home

On your first turn, you have to get a six from the dice popper to move a peg from Home. If you pop anything else, your turn ends and the next player gives it a try. Once you finally do pop a six, move one of your pegs to Start and pop again, moving your peg the number of spaces indicated on the die. Pegs must always move clockwise along the track, to avoid ending up at Finish within a single move.

Moving Around the Board

When you have multiple pegs in play, you can select which one you want to move the number of spaces popped. If you pop a six, you can move another peg from Home to Start or move an in-play peg six spaces along the track. If you land on a space with an opponent's peg in it, you take that space and send their peg back to Home. This also applies when an opponent's peg is in your Start area and you're moving a new peg out of Home; theirs is sent back, while yours takes its place. If one of your own pegs blocks Start, however, you must move an in-play peg instead of moving a new one out of Home; you can't land on and displace your own pegs.

Winning the Game

Your pegs are safe once they make it to the Finish line, so no one can send them back to Home. The first player to get all their pegs around the board and to Finish wins the game. You must pop the exact number required to move your peg to Finish. Once someone has won, everyone else is in a race to get their remaining pegs home to claim either second or third place. The game ends once these places have been decided.

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