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How to Play Strip Scrabble

Play Strip Scrabble
M. Kaye Hash

Just about everyone has heard of the game strip poker, even if they have not played it before, but games that involve losing your clothes do not have to be relegated to card games. These types of games can even involve board games. Play strip Scrabble and impress your friends with your knowledge of more games for getting everyone undressed.

Set down the rules before you play strip Scrabble--not the rules of Scrabble, but the rules of stripping. Perhaps you and your friends may need a safe word that will stop the game immediately. It is necessary that everyone feels comfortable while playing any kind of strip game.

Decide when a player will have to strip. Perhaps anyone who gets less than 5 points on a word has to take something off or maybe achieving a triple word score means losing an article of clothing. Discussing these rules before you begin the game helps ward off any misunderstandings as you and your friends begin to play.

Choose the way in which each player will take off his clothes. Will the game only advance until everyone is in his underwear? The more adventurous may say no and the stripping will continue until everyone is naked. Everyone should agree that this is a rule that can be changed at any point in the game.

Settle within the players on what constitutes as clothing and how pairs of clothing or accessories work. Decide on rules about whether accessories like earrings, sunglasses or hats count as clothing to be removed. Also, make a decision as to whether clothing items such as socks count as one item of clothing or can be counted as two.

Use more than one Scrabble board and set up a tournament if there is a large group of people, since Scrabble can only be played by four people at a time. If you do not have more than one Scrabble board set up, then take turns playing or play in teams if there are eight people. This is a great time to have drinks and snacks set up for those who are not involved in playing the game.


Play strip Scrabble with your friends according to the rules you have set up. Follow those rules and allow anyone who would like to quit, quit without any repercussions.

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