How to Play Spider Solitaire

Play the Microsoft Game Spider Solitaire
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Playing and beating Spider Solitaire can be easy whether you play with 1 suit, 2 suits and even 4 suits of cards.

Play Easy Mode First

Open Spider Solitaire by clicking the program's icon.

Click "Easy: One Suit" and then click "OK" in the box.

Click and drag 1 card of a lower value to rest on a card with a higher value. For example, drag the 5 of Spades to rest under the 6 of Spades.

Line cards up in descending order until you create a King through Ace line which will automatically move to the bottom of the window or you cannot move any cards.

Click the spider cards on the bottom right corner of the window to add 1 new row of cards on top of the cards in play. You must have at least 1 card in each space in play to add new cards to use.

Win the game when all of the cards line up properly and move to the bottom left corner of the Spider Solitaire window.

Beat Harder Spider Solitaire Modes

Open Spider Solitaire and click "Medium: 2 Suits" or "Difficult: 4 Suits" and then click "OK."

Look for matching suits with cards in descending order and move cards accordingly. For example, place the 9 of Hearts under the 10 of Hearts and place this column under the Jack of Hearts.

Line up cards in descending order with differing suits, moving higher cards first. For example, drag the 8 of Hearts to the 9 of Clubs.

Add another row of cards from the deck when you cannot make another move and repeat Steps 2 and 3.

Use a cleared space(s) in play to sort through other card columns to place matching suits in the same column.

Remember that creating a complete column of 1 suit moves cards to the bottom of the window and you cannot undo cards sent to the bottom.


Check cards before making a final play by using the "Control + Z" buttons on your computer to undo your last card move. Click the box at the bottom of the window containing the score to get a hint for a possible card move. Remember the Ace of any suit is placed on top of the 2. Kings only move to open spaces, so move them at the most opportune time.

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