How to Play Sequence

Sequence is a board game that requires both luck and strategy. It can be a great deal of fun to play. Some games can last a few minutes and some games can last as much as an hour. Most likely when you play Sequence, you will not regret it.

Get to know the contents. Anywhere from two to 12 people can play Sequence at once, but there cannot be more than three sides. The game board is set up with ten columns and ten rows. There are also two decks of playing cards. The squares on the board are set up so that each playing card is represented on the board twice, except for the Jacks. They play a special part in the game. Every player is dealt a set amount of cards depending on how many participants there are.

Try to win. The goal of Sequence is to get either one or two sequences of five of your chips in a row on the game board (whether you need one or two depends on the number of sides). Every side has a set of chips to place on the board. Players take turns laying down one card that they want to play and then places their color of chip on a square that corresponds to that card. Players should attempt to place their chips in such a way to build a sequence of five chips in a row either straight or diagonally. Once a player discards a card, they draw another one. If a player fails to draw a card before the next player discards their card, they cannot play a card on their next turn.

Use the Jacks to your advantage. The catch to the game of Sequence is the Jacks. If you are fortunate enough to get a Jack you can use it as either a wild card to play on any space or to remove one of your opponent's chips from the deck. The two eyed Jacks are wild and the one eyed Jacks will allow you to remove an opponent's chip from the board. When you play Sequence these can make the difference between winning and losing and you must decide when and where to play them to maximize their value.

Play off of the four corners. Each of the four corners are free squares that can be used by any side. They can be an advantage because you only need four chips in a row if you use them, but because they are on the corners you are limited in what direction you can play off of them.

Have fun. Do not get overly competitive and enjoy the ups and downs. When you play Sequence it is all about having fun.

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