How to Play Screw Your Neighbor: Poker Games

How to Play Screw Your Neighbor: Poker Games. Screw Your Neighbor is an easy poker game and one that can be great fun to play with friends. It's played with only one card at a time, so the players don't have to remember how their hands rank or try to draw a winning hand.

Begin by having each player make three bets of an agreed-upon amount. The bets are kept at the players' positions until after the first round.

Deal one card face-down to all players.

Ask the player to your left (you are the dealer) to choose whether to keep his card or swap cards with the neighbor to his left. The goal of each player is not to have the lowest card.


Refuse to swap cards with your neighbor if you have a King. Turn your King face-up.


Swap your card with the top card of the deck. As the dealer, your turn is last, and you cannot swap cards with the player on your left. (Some variations do allow you to swap with the player on your left.)


Direct all players to turn their cards face-up after each have chosen whether to keep or swap cards with a neighbor. The player with the lowest card must place one of his or her three bets into the center of the table (the pot).


Continue eliminating players that have been forced to give all three of his or her bets into the pot. The last player remaining wins the pot.


Things You'll Need

  • Deck of playing cards
  • Poker chips or coins


  • Remember that your goal is not to have the highest card, but not to have the lowest card. If you have swapped cards with a neighbor and received a higher card, you know that your neighbor's card is lower than yours, so you may choose not to swap cards when it is your turn. An ace has a value of 1.

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