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How to Play Hand and Foot Card Game

How to Play Hand and Foot Card Game. If you like playing cards and wish you could play for hours, then Hand and Foot might be the card game for you. Grab a partner and several decks of cards. The object of this game is to be the first person to discard all your cards. Read these rules to play Hand and Foot Card Game.

Mix together 5 or 6 decks of cards including all the jokers. Pick a partner and sit facing him. You will work together as a team to beat the other 2 players.

Deal 13 cards to each player. The players then sit on the cards or put them aside for later use. Deal 13 more cards to each player. These cards will be in play. Players hold these in their hands.

Place the rest of the decks in the middle of the table and turn the first card over. Play starts to the left. Pick up two cards. Match all the cards in your hand that are the same. You can pick the cards up on the discarded pile instead of picking two new cards. You must use the bottom card you pick up.

Put down sets of three to seven cards. Two's and Jokers are wild. You can use the wild cards to make your sets. To go out, you need two sets with no wild cards, two sets with wild cards and two sets of all wild cards.

Pick up the cards in your foot when you are done with all the cards in your hand. Work with your partner to make sets.

Pick up another card anytime you get a red 3.

Give yourself 100 points for going out. Count all the cards in front of you to gain points. You get 50 points for jokers. You get 20 points for Aces and wild twos. Cards from nine to King are worth 10 points. Lower cards are worth 5 points. Everyone subtracts the cards they still hold in their hands. High score wins.

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