How to Play Sack Race

Sack race is an interesting outdoor activity that kids and adults enjoyed to play. This activity is good in an area where there is a lot of space for the participants to move around. This is fun to do during kids' party. Children will really enjoy it.

Group the kids in to 2-3 groups. The number of kids in the group depends upon the number of participants you have. If you have a big crowd of participants, group them into 3 groups.

Have the groups form their lines. There must be 3 meters distance from each group. Give each group a sack. Big size of sack is preferable for comfortable movements.

Put a chair in front of the group at least 10 meters distance away from them. The chair will serve as their point of reference.

The first person in each the line will be the first participant of the race. The participant will step inside the sack, heads out holding the sides of the sack by his both hands.

When the "GO" signal is given, they hop towards the reference point the chair) go around the chair and hop back to their lines.

When they reach back to their line in the group, the next participants will follow doing the same procedure until all of them in the group will be able to participate.

The first group who will be able to finish ahead of the others will be declared the winner.


This is fun if there are 2-3 participants inside the sack. This will develop their cooperativeness and team work.


Kids or any adults who have heart failure or any sickness that involves high risk of attack when tired should not participate in this game.