How to Play Mah Jongg

Play Mah Jongg

Cross dominoes with bridge and you have mah jongg.

Have each player throw a pair of dice; the highest score becomes the dealer, or East. The other players, going clockwise, will be South, West and North.

Starting with East, players draw 4 pieces at a time, moving to the left of the opening player, until each player has 12 pieces.

Draw 1 tile more to make 13 in each player's hand.

Arrange your tiles in order of suits, keeping them concealed from the other players.

Discard, face up in the center of the table, any tile with the season or a flower on it, and draw a new tile from the wall.

Begin the game with East discarding 1 piece face up and drawing a new tile from the wall.

Move play clockwise, with South drawing and discarding next.

Either take the tile discarded by the player on the right to make 3 of a kind or draw from the wall. If a player takes a discarded tile, he must use it at that time. The tile is dead once the next player discards.

Have at least 13 playable tiles at all times. If a player has 4 of a kind, he will have an extra piece for each one; so if he has 2 kongs, he will have 15 playable tiles.

Complete your hand either by drawing the final necessary piece or by taking a discard to form a pung. A winning hand will consist of 1 pair and 4 sets of 3 - either a sequence of 3 consecutive suit tiles (called a chow) or 3 identical tiles (a pung).

Lay your tiles down and total everyone's scores. The winner deals the next hand.

Play 16 hands for a complete game.

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