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How to Play Mad Libs Word Game

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Mad Libs is a madcap word game where you add crazy new words to existing sentences. Invented by Leonard Stern and Roger Price in 1953 while Stern was working on a script for "The Honeymooners," the pair developed the game into a full-fledged phenomenon. Mad Libs books have stretched to every corner of pop culture, from "Star Wars" to "Adventure Time."

"Mad Libs" Rules

There is only one rule to follow in Mad Libs: Fill in each of the blank spaces with the appropriate type of word. Each blank notes what kind of word goes there, such as a noun, verb or adjective. Outside of that, the choice of word you use is entirely up to you, no matter how ridiculous it is. In fact, the more ridiculous the word, the more hilarious the outcome!

"Mad Libs" Variations

In addition to countless Mad Libs books, there are two official games based on Mad Libs. The basic Mad Libs card game has players drawing cards with words and being the first one to build a sentence using those words. Mad Libs Criss Cross has players customizing cards and making sentences with them to score points. Subsequent turns expand the sentences, or use words in them to build other sentences, in an effort to gain more points. The first person to 50 points is the winner.

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