How to Play Liar's Poker

Liar’s poker combines the ability to bluff with the insight to recognize bluffing in your opponents. You can play the game for money, or substitute “points” for money if you prefer not to gamble. Liar’s poker can also be used as a tool for teaching probability concepts, such as “what are the odds that there are 4 aces among these two sets of numbers.”

Give each player a set of numbers to play with. This can be from the serial numbers on dollar bills, or by randomly generating numbers for each player. Each player needs eight digits to begin play.

Decide who goes first and wait for him to announce a poker hand that he believes can be created by combining all the numbers from all players. For example, he might call “two sixes.” That would mean that he thinks there are at least two sixes among all the numbers being played.

Wait for the second player to announce a better poker hand than the previous player did. Play continues until you do not believe that the hand mentioned is actually available within the numbers in play. When that happens, call liar and look at everyone’s numbers. If you were correct, you get a point, if the caller was correct, he gets a point.


  • Zeros in this game count as tens, while ones count as aces.