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How to Play Double Speed Card Games

The Double Speed card game uses a regular deck of cards.
playing cards image by Mijakowska from Fotolia.com

Double Speed, or Double Flip, is a relatively new two player card game. The players use a standard deck of 52 playing cards. A player attempts to rid his hand of cards before his opponent does the same. Both participants place cards simultaneously, so each has to race his opponent to complete available moves and shorten his card stack. The first player that gets rid of all of the cards in his hand is the winner.


Deal the entire deck evenly to both players. Players should hold their cards in a face down stack in their hands.

Deal two rows of four cards, one from each player's stack, face up on the table in between the players. Each player should deal four of the cards simultaneously from the top of her deck, keeping the two rows lined up as well as possible.

Scan the eight face-up cards for any pairs. As soon as the last two cards are dealt, each player can deal a new card from the top of his hand to the top of any pair of face up cards. If both players spot the same pair on the table, then one player can cover one card while the other player covers the other card, first come first serve. If there are no pairs on the table, then each player picks up the four stacks of cards in front of him, adding them to the bottom of his stack, and play continues. Each player deals two new rows of four cards on the table in front of him.

Continue covering pairs and dealing new rows of cards until one player places the last card from her hand on top of a paired card. The player that rids her hand of cards first is declared the winner.

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