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Sevens Card Game Rules

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Sevens is a card game that can be played by children ages six years old and older. The gaol of the game is to play all of your cards from your hand before any of your opponents play their cards. Playing of the cards is based on the numeric order of the cards in their individual suits. Sevens requires a large table to play on as cards are played next to each other in numeric order during the course of the game with up to 13 cards per row.

Number of Players

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The game of Sevens requires a minimum of two players to play a game. The maximum number of players is six. With three, five, or six players, some players will start with more cards than other players. The ideal number of players for Sevens is between three and five players. More than five players can result in players passing quite often on their turns.

The Deal

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Deal all of the cards from a standard 52 card playing deck to the players playing Sevens. As mentioned in Step 1, some players may have more cards than others, and this disadvantage will shift to different players as the dealer changes in subsequent games. Players may view their own cards and should hold them in their hand during the course of the game.

Playing The Game and Winning In Sevens

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When playing Sevens, play is conducted with players taking turns in a clockwise rotation around the table. The player with the seven of diamonds is the first to play. That player plays the 7 in the center of the table and his turn ends. As play progresses around the table, players can play a card that is the next higher or lower than the current highest or lowest card in a suit already on the table. The other option is to play a 7 from one of the four suits not on the table already. If a player cannot do either of these, she must pass her turn and wait for her next turn for the opportunity to play. The playing field will have up to four rows of cards in total, one for each suit after a seven for that suit is played. The first player to play all of his cards from his hand is the winner in Sevens.

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