How to Play Buzzword

Buzzword is a team-based game of clues that is appropriate and fun for many combinations of ages. This game is safe for young children to play unsupervised. Buzzword offers a variety of challenge levels based on variations made by the players.

Divide into two teams and name your team.

Choose who goes first by dividing the scorecards and totaling them. Whoever has the highest total begins the game.

Pick a card from the pile. Read the buzzword aloud.

Read the different clues on the card. For each clue, your teammates must give you the correct answer or admit to being stumped by saying "pass."

Keep quiet when the buzzer sounds. Any answers given after the buzzer or to a passed option do not count.

Record which questions are passed or unanswered by turning over the corresponding scorecard.

The opposing team now has the option to steal points by answering the questions marked by the scorecards.

Repeat this process alternating teams until a team reaches 50 points. The team reaching 50 points only once when each team has played an equal number of turns wins the game.


Games such as buzzword can be a fun way of teaching the different uses of words and expanding vocabulary. When playing with your children, it may be fun to allow physical cues to help them answer questions. This may keep the children from becoming frustrated because they do not know the answers. Altering the time limits for the rounds is a great way to cater to skill level.

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