How to Play the Blind Drawing Game

Children and adults alike can play drawing games.
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Taking time to play with the kids is always a great idea. But what do you do that costs very little money and will cause hours of fun, and has nothing to do with the TV? A game full of creativity, an unlimited amount of players, and hinged on togetherness. I've come to call it the "Blind Drawing Game."

Pass out paper and writing utensils to everyone playing.

Turn your backs or go to separate places in the room so that nobody can see anybody else's paper.

Start by one player telling the other players what to draw. For example, draw a house in the middle of the paper, or, in the left-hand corner, draw a lighthouse. Each player get multiple turns to tell the group what to draw.

Convene together and everyone shows their picture. At the end of the game, everyone has the same picture drawn in their own way. The kids love seeing the different ways people drew things that they told you to draw. This teaches kids that there's not a specific way to do things. This can be fun for a long time.


The whole point of the game is to not see anybody's paper. Everyone must be able to hear each other. It's usually easiest to have the youngest person start, or one that is the most attention needing. The more vague the more fun, but each player can be as specific or add as many things as they want. You can play as long as you want, or set a specific number of turns each person will get.


As people add more and more items on their turn, it can become a problem with people adding to many things on their turn.

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