How do I Change Draw Lengths on a PSE Bow?

Making your bow fit you.

A PSE compound bow will need some minor adjustments before you put it to use. The most common adjustment needed is changing the draw length, which varies depending on your wingspan. To determine your personal draw length, measure your wingspan from the tip of your left middle finger across your chest to the tip of your right middle finger. Subtract 15 from the total and divide by 2. Change draw lengths on a PSE bow in small increments for an exact fit.

Adjust in Small Increments

Put the bow in a bow press or relax your strings by backing out the limb bolts.

Move the string to the minus "-" post. This will decrease the draw length by a half inch.

Move the string to the plus "+" post. This will increase the draw length by a half inch.

Adjust by 1-inch Increments

Place bow in a bow press or relax the stings.

Remove the axle from the limbs.

Remove the cam.

Remove the three-socket head-cap screws that hold the module in place.

Remove the draw stop and place it in the slot that correlates with the new module size.

Put the new module in place, aligning the larger and small pins.

Place the three screws back on the module.

Reassemble the bow and tighten the strings.

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