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How to Play With Baseball Cards

Baseball cards can be used to play games.
Baseball crest with bat and ball image by patrimonio designs from Fotolia.com

Baseball cards are not only for trading. In fact, there are a few different games one can play with baseball cards that do not involve trading one prized card for another. Using baseball cards to play games will give one the opportunity to get use out of “not-so-hot” baseball cards. Some people have hundreds of thousands of baseball cards, ranging in value to expensive to virtually worthless. Instead of trading or throwing away so-called “worthless” baseball cards, use them to play fun games with friends and family.

Play the card flipping game. This game requires lots of practice and some finesse, but results in hours of entertainment. It can be played in a large group or with two players. Play the game in a standing position. Hold the edge of the card, then flip the wrist and release, letting the card fall to the floor. If the card lands with the picture side up, it is “heads.” The statistics side represents “tails.” The next player will then repeat the flip with his own card and attempt to match the first card with “heads” or “tails.” If the cards do not match, Player One receives both cards.

Purchase MLB Showdown cards. Although MLB Showdown cards were only produced until 2005, they are still available in most stores on online. Most MLB Showdown starter sets include a set of regular player cards, a strategy deck, a play mat, rule book and a 20-sided die. This game involves “playing” baseball, using strategies to steal bases and working one’s way to owning his own MLB team. This game is played with two or more players.

Try tossing cards. This game requires two to five players. Begin by marking a line about 6 to 12 feet from a wall. Decide how many cards each player will have for each round. Player One stands behind the line, then tosses each card (individually) towards the wall. The game continues with each player tossing his own cards. Whoever is closest to the wall wins. An ideal position is when the card lands leaning against the wall; however, other players can knock it out of place to steal the win.

Use the colors on the baseball cards to create a classic game of “War” between two players. Each year, the color of the team name or player position changes. Take a random assortment of baseball cards and divide them so each player has an even number of cards. Player One will slap down a card player-side up. Player Two will then slap down his card. If the colors match Player One’s card, Player Two takes both cards and puts them at the bottom of his deck. If they do not match, Player One slaps down his next card. The cycle repeats until a match occurs for either Player One or Two. The player who gets the next match wins the pot.

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