Pill Box Ideas

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Instead of carrying around a bulky pill box, create your own by recycling products you may already have in your home. Creating your own pill box will give you a happier association with the pills themselves, and will allow you to conceal your pills in small, inconspicuous containers.

Mint Tin

Mints are small and around the same size and shape of many medical pills, which is why many people use empty mint tins as pill boxes. The tin makes them sturdy and able to handle the bottom of a purse. Decorate the tin with jewels, craft paint or fabric buttons to make the tin a more custom pill box.

Bottle Top

If you want to carry a few small pills in your pocket, the top of a plastic bottle (such as a soda or water bottle) works perfectly. Place the cap aside and cut the spout, just below the ridges, off of an empty water bottle. Sand down the plastic edges you just cut so they’re not sharp. Then take a coin (nickel or quarter, depending on the size of the opening) and seal off the cut, bottom portion of the bottle end. Use hot glue to seal the coin to the bottom opening and place a layer of hot glue on the bottom so that the coin is completely covered. Screw the cap on and you’ll have a small, unique pill box.

Makeup Compact

When you’ve run out of compact powder makeup, don’t throw the compact away. Instead, use it as a pill box for small pills. Clean any makeup residue out of the inside of the compact. Simply place the pills inside and you’re ready to go. To make the compact less-noisy in your purse, glue a thin layer of felt on the inside (not on the mirror side). Decorate your compact with stickers or paint, or leave it as-is to disguise your pills as makeup.

Laser Pointer

To ensure you don’t forget your pills, create a pill container that’s a keychain. A laser pointer keychain makes the perfect container for a few pills. Simply unscrew the battery cap to the laser pointer and remove the batteries. Drop the pills in where the batteries should go and screw the cap back on. The pills will stay in place on your keychain and you won’t forget them.


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