Patterns to Make a Hobo Bag

Express your personality with a hobo bag of your own.
Michael Blann/Digital Vision/Getty Images

If you enjoy sewing, you might want to try making your own hobo bag. Hobo bag patterns are typically rather simple, as the bags consists of a main pouch and a single strap. You can get fancier by adding interior or exterior pockets, but the basic hobo bag patterns are easy to follow and can be finished in a few hours.

Preparing to Use the Pattern

Print or cut out the pattern that you are using. Identify what pieces of the pattern go with each part of the bag. Cut out each piece of the pattern so that you can cut the fabric to match it. Be sure that you understand how the pieces will fit together to form the finished bag. You probably have both inside lining and outside fabric pieces.

Preparing the Materials

When you are making a hobo bag, you want to preshrink the fabric you are using before cutting it. Wash and dry the fabric, ironing it if it gets wrinkled. Don't cut the pieces for the bag until the fabric is smoothed out or you'll end up with a wrinkled bag. Choose the hardware you want for the bag, such as the "O" rings used for the strap. If you are making a pocket, you'll also want a closure such as a zipper or a snap.

Cutting the Pattern

Pin the pattern to the fabric, making sure you have the fabric running in the direction you want. Cut out the fabric pieces according to the pattern directions. Consider using contrasting or coordinating fabrics for the different parts of the bag. For example, you could have a solid strap and a patterned pouch, or a lining pattern that coordinates with the exterior fabric pattern.

Sewing the Pattern Together

Follow the pattern instructions to assemble the bag. You will usually start by sewing together the pouch portion of the bag. It could be simply a front and back piece, or you could have bottom and side pieces as well. You will also attach the inside lining to the pouch. The handle is usually completed last before being attached to the pouch with the hardware.