How to Organize a Bicycle Scavenger Hunt

This hunt is tons of fun, burns calories and is a great way to spend the day with good friends. Cyclists peddle to specified locations, find a clue or solve a challenging riddle, and then ride on to the next destination. Glean ideas from 454 Organize a Car Rally, and you're off!

Decide whether your scavengers will compete individually or in teams. If you're expecting lots of children and teens, it's safer if participants ride in teams.

Map out your route according to the fitness level and age of participants. Remember that the scavenger hunt is supposed to be fun. Avoid steep hills and busy roads and intersections, and include safe places to stop and rest.

Get creative when you write the riddles. They should be clever enough to be challenging but not impossible to solve. Use landmarks (a statue or historical building) and natural features (rivers, parks and vista points) to add interest and local flavor.

Celebrate the finish with a barbeque bash and prizes for all. See 321 Plan an Outdoor Party.


  • Cyclists should wear helmets and bring water, sunblock and sunglasses. See 430 Plan a Bicycle Trip With a Tour Company and 142 Store Bicycles and Gear. Encourage cyclists to rent tandem bicycles (built for two) for extra fun.


  • Make sure at least several participants have cell phones as well as first aid and tire repair kits.

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