Official Billiard Table Sizes

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Billiards, or pool, is enjoyed by both professionals and recreational players alike. The game, which includes several different disciplines like 8 Ball, 9 Ball and Cutthroat, is played on tables with various dimensions. Three sizes are most common, with larger tables used for tournaments and smaller tables popular in recreational settings.

4 1/2-by-9 Foot

Otherwise known as a 9-foot regulation-size pool table, it is the table used for professional billiards, and is used in most pool halls for an hourly rate. The degree of difficulty increases exponentially with this larger table, as lucky shots are much less common.

4-by-8 Foot

The 8-foot recreational size pool table is the most common dimension for a table installed in homes. To provide ample room to play, this size billiard table is normally placed in a room that measures at least 17-by-14 foot.

3.5-by-7 Foot

This is often referred to as a "bar table" or "quarter table," as it is prevalent in bars where space is at a premium, and is normally paid for with quarters. The smaller size allows owners to put more of them in a smaller space. This table is popular with amateurs, as it is a much easier dimension to play for beginners.

6-by-12 Foot

This size is used for the billiard game called snooker, which uses balls separated by color rather than number and pattern. The large table requires expert shot-making abilities, but also opens up space between the balls for more play.