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Types of Cellos

Cellos are typically made of wood, but can be made out of different materials such as carbon fiber.
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The cello has remained a prevalent instrument throughout history. They have been made out of many different materials and they come in all different sizes. A cello is a string instrument that belongs to the Violin family. It is one of the lower pitched instruments in the family, second only to the upright bass.

Full Size Cello

The full size cello is the most popular style. A full size cello usually measures 48 inches. This is the most common size of cello, preferred by most players because of how common it is. The strings of a full size cello are tuned C G D A, lowest to highest pitch.

Carbon Fiber Cello

The carbon fiber cello is almost exclusively produced by the company Luis & Clark. They come in the same measurements as the full size cello, but because of the carbon fiber production the cello lacks any cornices. Cornices are the indentations on the sides of the cello, used for support. The carbon fiber is more sturdy and therefore the cornices are not needed. This allows more room for sound, which makes carbon fiber cellos sounds much more rich.

Small Scale Cellos

Cellos can also be made in sizes smaller than full size. These can be referred to as 7/8, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and 1/10. Smaller scale cellos are usually made out of the same materials as full scale cellos, the only difference is the size. These sizes can be convenient for players of smaller stature, such as young children first learning how to play.

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