Mystery Activities & Crafts for Kids

Mystery activities and art can encourage learning in children.
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Mystery activities for kids can be a fun and educational way to pass the time at home or at school. When looking for kids mystery activities, keep in mind the age of the kids and whether or not the activity or craft is in line with their skill level. If you’re in need of ideas for kids' mystery activities and crafts, there is an abundance of resources to help you find them. Use children’s and teacher’s educational publications, library books and the Internet to find what you’re looking for.

Secret Message Activity

This activity allows kids to write a secret message and then have someone else try to figure out what the message is. Lemon juice, grapefruit juice and milk can all be used as “invisible ink.” Have the kids write their message on a piece of paper using a cotton swab and one of the “invisible ink” liquids. With the help of an adult, kids then take their message and place it between two pieces of scrap paper on an ironing board and pass a warm iron over it. The message will “magically” appear.

Mystery Story

Kids can write a mystery story by using story-writing techniques. Instruct kids to write an outline first that includes characters, a setting, a problem (the mystery), a solution (how the mystery is solved) and two main events. Tell the kids to write at least a one-page story using their outline.

Scavenger Hunt

Gather 10 small items in your classroom or home and hide them throughout. Make a list of the items with clues to where they can be found. Give a list to each child and instruct them to read the clues to help them find the items.

Mystery Box

Instruct students to take a shoe box and secure the lid to it with tape. Have them cut a square hole in one end of the shoe box large enough to stick a hand through. Tell them to cover the hole with a piece of paper and cut eight slits into it in a star shape. This will allow you to stick a hand through it. Have them decorate the box and put a few items inside such as seashells, erasers or twigs. Let other kids stick their hands in the mystery box to guess what’s in it. Open the box and reveal what the item is after everyone has finished guessing.