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How Much Is a 1976 Liberty Silver Dollar Worth?

How Much Is a 1976 Liberty Silver Dollar Worth?

The 1976 Liberty silver dollar was minted to celebrate America's bicentennial year. The coin still featured Eisenhower on the obverse side of the coin--like other silver dollars of that time--but the reverse side of the coin was changed from an eagle to the Liberty Bell.

Time Frame

Production of the bicentennial silver dollar began in mid-1975 and ended in December of 1976. All coins with the bicentennial design are dated 1776-1976, leaving no U.S. issued silver dollar dated 1975.


The 1976 Liberty silver dollar commemorates the bicentennial year of the United States. The design and date were changed only for this year and returned to the original Eisenhower design in 1977.


The reverse side of the 1976 silver dollar with the Liberty Bell over an image of the moon was designed by Dennis R. Williams. Williams was awarded the design through a competition to get bicentennial designs for the quarter, half dollar and silver dollar.


Bicentennial silver dollars were minted in two different types. Type 1 features thick letters for the denomination and motto on the reverse side. Type 2 has thin letters due to a die change in the middle of production.


Although the 1976 Liberty silver dollar is available in two types, neither type is considered rare. Silver dollars in good condition are worth $3 to $10 while coins in uncirculated condition are worth $15 to $70.

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