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Mosler Safe Combination Instructions

Opening a Mosler safe is easy if you carefully follow the instructions.
padlock image by jimcox40 from Fotolia.com

The Mosler Safe Company manufactures a wide variety of safes for use in homes, hotels, jewelry stores and other commercial applications. Buying a Mosler safe is a way to help ensure that all of your valuables remain protected for many years to come. If you have misplaced the instructions for your specific model of safe, you can contact the manufacturer or refer to these basic guidelines.

Turn the face of the combination dial counterclockwise (to the left) four times. Stop on the first number of your combination.

Twist the dial clockwise three times. Stop on the second number of your combination.

Twist the dial counterclockwise two times. Stop on the third number of your combination.

Twist the dial clockwise, stopping on the last number. The locking bolts will disengage. Pull on the door handle to open the latch. Pull open the safe door.

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