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How to Open an American Combination Lock

A typical combination lock
combination lock image by jimcox40 from Fotolia.com

Combination locks made by the American Lock Company are popular. The distinctive round locks with black or colorful dials are used to secure lockers, bicycles, sheds and doors. These devices open using a series of three numbers that must be dialed using a precise technique.


To re-lock the device, press the shackle into the body of the lock. If it will not slide into the lock, re-enter the combination and try it again.


  • Keep your combination in a safe place. When storing your lock between uses, keep your combination with the device.
Combination locks are often used on school lockers.
young beautiful student girl with books in hand image by Anatoly Tiplyashin from Fotolia.com

Find the three-number combination on your lock's packaging and put it in a secure place.

The dial on this combination lock is set to
Combination Lock image by Mario Ragsac Jr. from Fotolia.com

Dial clockwise to the first number, spinning the dial at least three times. For example, if the combination is "25-12-36," turn past "25" three times until the mark at the top of the dial rests on "25."

Combination locks can be used with cables.
vélo 1 image by Nathalie P from Fotolia.com

Note the second number and turn counterclockwise one-and-a-half turns. If the combination is "25-12-36," pass "12" once, then turn another complete revolution.

Turn clockwise to the final number. Using the combination "25-12-36," spin directly to "36."

Pull downward on the lock, and the left side of its shackle will pull loose. You may have to push up slightly and then pull down.

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