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The Moose Mountain Arcade Alley Assembly Instructions

The Moose Mountain Toy Company makes a variety of Arcade Alley toys that offer shooting, sports and other games. There are three types of Moose Mountain Arcade Alley games: a hanging door Arcade Alley, a long vertical alley game and a free-standing arcade game. Assembling each type is a simple task that will be up and running within minutes.

Hanging Arcade Alley

Grab the large plastic back base and it lay flat on a table or other hard surface.

Slide the game backboard into the two sliding positions on the back base.

Lay out the net. The base of the net is the large section and connects with three points on the bottom of the base. Pull each side of the net up and connect it to the side clips on the base.

Connect the two plastic rods into the holes on the front of the Arcade Alley game board. Pull the net over the open end of the rods and slide the rods into the small cloth hole sections.

Insert batteries into the back casing. Hang the Arcade Alley game on the wall.

Ground Arcade Alley

Set all the pieces side by side on the ground at the location where you want to use the Arcade Alley.

Insert the Arcade Alley floor into the side opening of the side base. Push the base in so it is tightly connected.

Connect the second side of the base to the Arcade Alley floor. Push it in so the floor is secure.

Snap in the main play part of the game on the end. For example, the Bowlercade has a square base that holds the pins. Snap it down to the connection point in all four corners.

Insert batteries to the main scoring area and the Arcade Alley is ready for use. Add any extra accessories like the bowling pins or golf balls to start playing.

Stand-Up Arcade Alley

Separate all of the plastic pipes and the connectors. Every pipe is the same size except for two longer back base pipes.

Set up the base of the Arcade Alley with a 2-by-1 pipe rectangle shape. Use the T-shape connectors for the center pipes and the curved corner connectors for all four corners of the base.

Insert a pipe into each open hole on the pipe connector pieces. This is a total of six pipes. Add two T-shape connection pieces to the center pipes. Add a three-hole connect piece to the two front pipes. Add a four-hole connection piece to the back two pipes.

Insert pipes into each open hole except for the two vertical spots on the four-hole connection pieces. Insert the two longer pipes into those holes. Add the final connection pieces to the top of those pipes, and connect the last pipe to complete the formation of the stand up base.

Use the Velcro connection pieces to attach the backboard of the stand-up Arcade Alley. Lay out the net of the Arcade Alley and attach the net using the Velcro connection straps.

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