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Marriage Games to Play on Road Trips

Car games can really help the time pass on long road trips.
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Road trip games can really help the time pass on long car journeys. Most people think of road games as being for kids, but several game ideas are perfect for a married couple. Idle time spent in the car need not go to waste. It can be used for fun; bonding familiarization games bring married couples closer, or test each other to see how much they really know.

Marriage Scavenger Hunt

Marriage Scavenger Hunt is a married couple version of the old kids game, where participants are given a list of things to spot during the road trip, and the first to find them all is the winner. In this version, each person in the couple makes a list for the other, filled with items and events from their past together. For example; if you met for the first time in a park, the word "park" goes on the list. If your first kiss was in an Italian restaurant, that can go on the list. The list can include memorable locations, events and key words. Each tries to spot all the items on the list before the other; whoever spots them all first wins.

Two Truths, One Lie

Two Truths, One Lie is a way for married couples to get to know each other better, or for long-married couples to see how much they really know about one another. In this game, one person tells the other three things about himself or herself. Two of these things are true and the third is not. It is up to the other person to determine which is the falsehood without the aid of hints or questions. Many times, unknown facts come to the surface and your spouse learns a bit more about your past. The game can be played one couple against another, as well.

Twenty Questions

Twenty Questions is a traditional game which can be adapted to suit the married couple very well. One spouse thinks of an object without telling the other what it is. The other spouse is given 20 questions with which to determine the object. If it cannot be discovered within those 20 questions, the secret-keeper wins.

I Have Never

I Have Never may be the most revealing of all married couple road trip games. In this game, one person must state something they have never done. Once the statement is made, the spouse must respond whether they have ever done the same thing or not. The aim is for the announcer to name something that no one else in the car has done. The game concludes when one person has five successful "I Have Nevers." Ironically, it is usually the person who must respond that is truly revealed, although both players can learn a lot about one another.

Marriage Memory Book

Marriage Memory Book is a rather involved, but worthwhile game, based on creating a record of your memories as a couple. The game requires an empty notebook, a digital camera, glue stick or scotch tape and two pens. As your trip progresses, take shots of the things you see that interest you. Print your pictures either at the end of the trip or at a drug store during a pit stop. Paste the images into the book along with drawings, anecdotes about things that happen during the trip, impressions of places and events, thoughts and observations, or reviews of hotels and restaurants in which you were patrons. Everything that happens on the trip should end up in the book. During the journey, you have a great way to pass the time and, at the end, you have a great memory and something to look back on.

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