Mango Crafts

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Sweet and juicy mangoes are tasty to eat, but the colorful fruit has also been used in crafts across Asia for centuries. Thankfully you don't need the skills of a master crafter to make mango inspired crafts. There are plenty of projects simple enough for children to complete too.

Dress Up

Create a mango outfit for kids and see them make a sweet impression at a costume party. Draw an oval mango outline on a sheet of white card stock large enough to cover the child's body. Make the oval slightly narrower at one end than the other. Draw two leaves at the rounder end at the top of the mango. Cut the shape out, trace round the outline onto a second piece of card and cut that out too. Paint both shapes an orange/yellow shade, blending in a little green to the orange at the top of the mango body. Paint the leaves bright green. Splatter some brown over the orange color. Dress the child in green bottoms and a brown or orange top. Pierce a series of holes down each side of the mango. Use two long lengths of ribbon to lace up the two sides of the card together on each side of the child's body like shoelaces. Pull tight so the card stays firm against the body and tie in double bows.


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Make a mango-inspired pendant from polymer clay and create a tropical accessory to brighten up any outfit. Take a marble sized piece of orange clay, a piece of green and a piece of yellow clay. Press the orange on to the yellow and the yellow onto the green and start to work them together between your hands till they blend into a ball that graduates from orange to green. Pinch one end of the ball to create a slight point. Cut two green leaf shapes from a piece of flattened clay and press onto the rounded top of the pendant. Pierce a hole in the top of the pendant with a large needle and dry according to manufacturer's instructions. Thread onto a narrow cord and tie round the neck as a necklace.


Make a child's mango mask from a paper plate. Cut two eye-holes from a paper plate. Turn the plate face down and splodge yellow and orange paint over the back of the plate with a piece of sponge to create a textured finish. Draw in a nose and mouth with dark orange felt-tip pen. Cut out two leaf shapes from green card stock and glue to the top of the mask. Stick a popsicle or craft stick to the back of the mask as a handle so the child can hold it up to her face.


Create a tasty edible craft from dried mango pieces. Cover a plain sponge cake with ready-made white fondant icing. Use cubed preserved mango pieces to make the outlines of flower and heart shapes in the center of the cake. Lay strips of dried mango round the edge of your cake to create an edible picture frame for your mango picture. Present on a gold or orange colored plate to match the tone of your cake craft.


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