Make Your Own Paper Tissue Flower Arrangements

Jonathan Fong

Things You'll Need

  • Tissue paper in assorted colors
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Empty beer bottles

Paper flowers made of tissue are a staple of Cinco de Mayo celebrations, and these two-toned flowers add eye-popping color to your table. Placed in Mexican beer bottles, they create a whimsical arrangement that will certainly bring good cheer to your festivities.

Cut the tissue paper in two sizes
Jonathan Fong

Cut one color of tissue paper into a stack of eight pieces that are 5" x 8" in size. Select another color of tissue paper, and cut two pieces that are 2 1/2" x 8" in size.

Cut slits along the edges of the narrow strips
Jonathan Fong

Take the two narrow strips of tissue paper, and cut slits along the length, on both sides. Be sure not to cut all the way across the paper.

Stack the tissue papers
Jonathan Fong

Center the two narrow strips of tissue paper on top of the eight sheets of wider tissue paper.

Accordion fold the paper
Jonathan Fong

Starting at one end, fold the paper about 3/4" to 1", and continue making accordion folds until you've reached the other end.

Tie a pipe cleaner around the middle
Jonathan Fong

Keeping the narrow strips of tissue paper toward the top, tie a pipe cleaner around the middle of the accordion stack to secure it. The pipe cleaner also serves as the flower's stem.

Shape the petals
Jonathan Fong

Round the ends of the wider tissue paper stack with scissors. Use the narrower strips of tissue paper as a guide, cutting deep into the center up to the point where the narrow paper sits.

Pull the narrow strips toward the center
Jonathan Fong

Spread the accordion fold apart, and pull the narrow strips of tissue paper forward, toward the center of the flower. By pulling the paper forward, the back petals stay in place.

Peel the larger petals forward
Jonathan Fong

One by one, peel the wider tissue layers forward toward the front of the flower. As you separate the tissue layers from each other, the petals reveal themselves, and the flower becomes fuller. The tissue paper is delicate, so be patient. If the paper tears, don't worry about it. Real petals often fall off the flower.

Arrange flowers in beer bottles
Jonathan Fong

Make flowers of different colors, and arrange them in Mexican beer bottles – the perfect bud vases. If you still have the six-pack cardboard case, that's even better. Place the bottles in the case for an arrangement that's ready to go, as a centerpiece or even a hostess gift.


  • Make flowers of different sizes by varying the width of the tissue paper.

    Alter the shape of the petals by cutting the ends at sharp angles instead of curves.

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