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How to Make Water Effects With White Glue

Combine glue with water to make a brushable craft paste.
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If you're making a diorama or scenery for a model railroad set, you can use white glue to create a realistic-looking pool of water. Using a white glue that dries clear, you can pour the glue onto the set wherever you would like to simulate a pond or lake. This is an inexpensive way to make ponds without having to buy a costly commercially prepared lake or pond. By laying blue felt down, you create a small body of water with a blue hue.

Cut a piece of blue felt the size of the body of water you would like to create. Place a few dots of white glue on one side and glue it in place on the surface of your diorama.

Build up the sides of your pond with whatever material you are using for the ground of the diorama. Some diorama makers use felt over wadded-up newspaper; others use papier-mache, paint and fake grass.

Pour white glue over the surface of the blue felt. Pour as much as you need to make the body of water. It will dry clear.

Use a toothpick or wooden craft stick to make small ripples in the water, if desired, after it has dried slightly. Experiment with what consistency will create ripples when you drag a toothpick through the glue. Depending on how much glue you poured, it will take about a half-hour to reach this consistency.

Things You'll Need:

  • Blue felt
  • White glue
  • Toothpicks or wooden craft sticks
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