How to Make a Waterfall With Blue Saran Wrap

By Antonia Sorin ; Updated September 15, 2017
Like a real waterfall, your plastic wrap waterfall will have multiple rivulets that form the larger whole.

Blue Saran wrap, plastic wrap or cellophane make an inexpensive waterfall effect for school projects and party decorating projects, especially when you layer your wrap. Although there are water effect kits on the market to create realistic water effects in dioramas and scenes, these products can be expensive and need time to dry completely. Plastic wrap waterfalls can be ready in a few minutes.

Cut three layers of blue plastic wrap in the size that you want your finished waterfall to be.

Determine where the water will cease being a stream and will start falling. Cut thin, vertical strips into the plastic wrap starting from the bottom until the point where the water is still in stream form. The strips should not be even.

Lay each piece of plastic wrap down on a flat surface.

Draw small lines and swirls on each of the pieces of plastic wrap with the blue permanent marker. Allow the permanent marker to dry.

Lay each piece of plastic wrap on top of the others, marker side down.

Fold under 1/4 inch of plastic wrap at the top of the waterfall. Tape the fold.

Dot and streak parts of the hanging strips of the waterfall with white correction fluid to mimic the look of white, rushing water. Allow to dry.


If you can't find blue plastic wrap or cellophane, color in clear plastic wrap with a blue permanent marker or place clear wrap over a blue construction paper base.


Make sure that you use a light hand when applying the white correction fluid or the color will become overpowering.

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