How to Make a Spa Themed Gift Basket

There are many variations to making a spa-themed basket, and a self-designed custom basket for someone special can be created easily and inexpensively or with a bit more effort and money. The latter is best put together when more than one person or family is contributing to it financially. Either way, a spa-themed basket will be a welcome and much appreciated gift. It’s perfect for a teacher, a friend, a relative, a scout leader.

Choose the size of basket or container you want to use. A fun alternative to a handled or non-handled basket is a colorful plastic bin that might later double as foot soak.

Select a color or ingredient theme. Choose a relaxing color, like sage, lavender, sky blue or something calming. Or, choose an ingredient theme, meaning select products from the same manufacturer or ones that feature the same main ingredient. Think lavender, chamomile, pear, grapefruit, pumpkin, eucalyptus, green tea, vanilla, peach. Who are you creating this for? Do you know them well enough to select a scent they enjoy?

Pad the base of the basket. For a less expensive version, you can use raffia or tissue or a bath or hand towel to line the bottom. For a luxurious alternative, use a fluffy robe. You could be all Oprah and get a Kashwere robe or the more bargain version, one by Colorado Clothing Co. Of course, you can also use a standard terry cloth robe.

Choose the items. Again, the items you choose can come from a local drug store or Target or can be from Sephora or a high-end department store. You can even get items from lines like Mario Badescu. Whichever price range you go for, you can still create a gorgeous basket.Choose all or some the following (again, keeping in the color or scent theme): bath salts, bath oil, bath scrub, candles (soy are the best, they don’t give off soot; choose votives or small pillars), massagers (manual ones made from wood or plastic, for feet or back), loofah, eye mask for sleep, eye mask, turban head wrap, slippers, hand and body lotion, a cachet of potpourri, bath brush, soap(s), pumice foot scrubber, foot cream, bath pillow, CD of tranquil music (another alternative is a memory stick with selected tunes), nail brush, foot soak, bath mitt, body butter, or a small box of candies or chocolate.

Arrange the basket, heaviest (think candles, body butter or salt) at the bottom, lightest on top.

Once the items are arranged, you can present as is, or you can use a large piece of tulle or colored cellophane, place underneath the basket, lift the sides and arrange ends at the top. Finish with a tied pretty fabric ribbon or raffia. Another nice touch would be to use an elastic or ribbon hair band.

Things You'll Need

  • Basket or bin
  • Base (robe, towel, tissue paper or raffia)
  • Spa items
  • Large piece of tulle or cellophane


  • If you have the coin to support it, why not include a gift certificate to a local massage therapy or spa for a treatment? Be creative. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to design a spa-themed gift basket.


  • You should probably know your giftee well enough to know if they have any allergies. It would be very disappointing if they're allergic to eucalyptus and that is the theme of the basket. Your kindness will no doubt be appreciated, but they won't be able to actual enjoy the contents.

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