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How to Make Your Rollerblades Go Faster

By maintaining your Rollerblades, you can become a faster skater.
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In-line skating can be enjoyable for any Rollerblade fanatic. Some enjoy the thrill and speed that comes with this hobby. If you do not maintain the hardware of your skates, you will not be able to go faster. Ill-fitting, dirty or worn Rollerblades can impede speed, or could even cause injuries. Follow a few guidelines to maintain your skates and get the most speed out of them.

Rotate wheels once a week, or every time you in-line skate. You need an Alan wrench to perform that procedure. Your owner’s manual will have more information about rotation techniques, because each model is different. Without proper wheel rotation, you can greatly reduce the service life and performance of the wheels.

Clean the wheel bearings to maintain speed and performance. Push out the bearing spacer with a bearing too. Twist and lift up the bearing from the spacer. Note that some come with a “C” ring, which is a plastic or rubber shield that covers the bearing. Remove the old lubricant oil with cleansing solution. Pat dry with a paper towel, and fill lubricant into the bearing and spacer. Push the parts back into the wheel with the bearing tool. Consult your manufacturer or user manual for specific instructions for your pair of skates.

Look over the brake pads. They can greatly slow down your performance and speed if they wear out or detach from your skates. Make sure the brake pads attach firmly to your skates and function properly. If not, adjust them or have them replaced.

Upgrade the wheels and hardware once they wear out or become loose. Upgrading can improve the speed and handling of your Rollerblades, according to the Inline Skate Resource center. Consider the size, shape and hardness whenever selecting the right wheels. Again, your user manual will have information about which wheels are acceptable for your skates.

Place inserts or pads into your skates for the right fit. The wrong fit slows you down when skating. It also brings a great deal of pain and discomfort to your feet. Schedule a fitting at your nearest skate shop to get the proper fit.

Ask the people at your local dealership if they repair Rollerblades. Services often include repairs to frames, buckles and lines. Consult your warranty for information on those types of repairs.

Things You'll Need:

  • Alan wrench
  • Bearing tool
  • Pushpin
  • Cleaning solution
  • Soft toothbrush
  • Two paper towels
  • Bearing lubricant


Skating through puddles or sand wears down your in-line skates.


  • Never skate with worn-out brake pads. Make sure not to hurt yourself when taking out the bearings. You could puncture your hand with the bearing tool.
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