How to Make Photo Key Rings

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Personalizing a key ring with a favorite photo of family or friends allows the holder to keep those memories right at his fingertips. This project is suited for either children or adults. Make it a party activity, with the finished key rings as party favors, or create gifts for holiday give-aways at work or church. The hardest part of this project is narrowing down which photos to use.

Unsnap the picture portion of the snap-together key ring and remove the stock photo inside. Look at the insert and verify the size of the photo required by the picture holder.

Select two photos to use back to back in the clear picture holder. Use photo software and a printer to make the photos the right size and print them, if necessary. Otherwise, measure the photos with a ruler and trim them with scissors or a paper cutter to the size required by the holder.

Position the photos back-to-back over one side of the snap-together key ring, then hold the other side over the photos and apply pressure to snap the two sides together.

Ensure that all four sides are securely snapped together, and that the photos did not shift during the assembly process. Adjust the photos if necessary by unsnapping the photo holder.

Transfer house and/or car keys onto the key ring.

Things You'll Need

  • Snap-together photo key ring
  • Photos to insert
  • Photo resizing software
  • Photo printer
  • Scissors/paper cutter
  • Ruler


  • Snap-together key rings are usually available at party stores and novelty shops. Buy them in person or over the Internet.