How to Make a Kangaroo Costume

Aksakalko/iStock/Getty Images

The kangaroo has long been beloved by kids and adults alike, so it’s no wonder that an interest in kangaroo costumes has surfaced. Now you could spend days driving around town looking for one, or you could just make it yourself. Choosing the latter route will not only save you money, but will allow you to create a costume in the exact style and color you want.

Select your sweatshirt and matching sweatpants. These will form the basic body of your costume.

Make the tail using the craft felt. Cut a long, narrow triangle 30 inches wide at the base. Make the triangle 3 feet long at the center apex. Fold the triangle in half lengthwise, turn inside out, and stitch along the long edge. Leave the short bottom edge open. Turn the tail so that it is now right side out, and loosely stuff with fiberfill. Pin the short edge closed.

Sew the short edge of the tail to the seat of the sweatpants, making sure you catch both sides of the tail fabric in the stitching to close it. You can position it anywhere you like, but ideally you should align it with the rear center seam of the pants. Before sewing it on permanently, pin it in place and try on the pants to make sure the tail doesn't hang too low. Adjust as needed.

Cut a piece of the craft felt 12 inches wide by 7 inches high, rounding off the bottom two corners to form a U-shape. This will be the kangaroo pocket. Place it so that it is centrally positioned on the front of the sweatshirt, and sew it in place around the side and bottom edges. Leave the top open, and if you like, carry a toy baby kangaroo in the pocket.

Cut a pair of ears from the felt. Make the ears 3 inches across at the base, and taper upward into a point 5 inches long. Fold each ear in half at the bottom edge, and sew onto the hood of the sweatshirt. Put on your kangaroo costume, and start bouncing around!

Things You'll Need

  • A hooded sweatshirt in brown, tan or your favorite color
  • Sweatpants in the same color
  • 1 yard of craft felt, matching color
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Fiberfill or other stuffing material
  • Sewing pins
  • Small stuffed toy kangaroo (optional)


  • If you're making this costume for a child who won't keep a hood on, consider attaching the ears to a ball cap or knit cap instead.

    Use black makeup or face paint to create the kangaroo's snout and whiskers.


  • If you're going to be trick-or-treating in this costume, check to make sure your tail doesn't drag along the ground--you don't want to trip over it in the dark!