How to Make D20 Dice

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While traditional dice are made from bone or semi-precious stones, these can be expensive to buy and not particularly well-balanced for the cost. Modern dyes are made from different colored plastics and offer a relatively inexpensive and well-weighted option. However, the hobbyist will not be able to cast plastic dice at home. But it is possible to quickly produce dice at home using nothing more than a paper template and some glue.

Print out the 20-sided die pattern from the Puam website.

Carefully cut out the pattern, being sure that you do not accidentally cut off any of the flaps.

Fold the paper away from you on each of the black-fold lines until all of the flaps and sides are neatly creased.

Glue the flap on the 14th face to the underside of the 20th face, taking care to ensure a straight seam where the two meet.

Glue the 15th face to the 5th face. At this point, you will have a completed loop with some loose ends on the sides. Glue each of the remaining flaps to the faces to which they are adjacent, taking extreme care not to crush or misshape the die during the final folds.

Things You'll Need

  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  • Allow the glue to dry between gluing each face to avoid crooked seams and an awkwardly rolling die.

    Consider using a small unfolded paperclip to pressure the inside of the die while gluing the final faces together, since you will not be able to use your finger as a support at this stage.