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How to Make Bingo Chips

Bingo is an easy, family-friendly game that can be played nearly anywhere. The winner is the first player to get a certain number of chips in a row. If you’re looking to play but official bingo chips are in short supply, it's simple to create some of your own. Bingo chips can be made of nearly any material. The most common chips are made from clear plastic, but other materials such as construction paper or wood can be used as well.

Trace small patterns onto your material for the form of the bingo chips. Traditional bingo chips are circular, about 3/4 inch in diameter. However, varying designs, such as hearts and stars, can be used if you are designing chips for a special event or party. Regardless of the design, the chips should still be in small in size as they can cover only one square on the bingo board.

Cut out the pattern using scissors or Exacto-knife.

Color or paint accordingly; it is not required for the chips to be clear or translucent as most traditional chips are.

Things You'll Need:

  • Plastic, construction paper or other material
  • Mathematical compass or object to trace
  • Sharp scissors or Exacto knife
  • Markers or paint


If you don’t have time to make bingo chips, small objects such as pennies, buttons or seeds can be used instead.

Most retail packages of bingo chips include at least 100 chips; your numbers will vary depending on the size of the group you're working with.

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