How to Mail a Poster

Many people learn the hard way when it comes to mailing posters. Their posters become damaged during the shipping process, because they were not properly secure and protected. With the proper precautions, you can safely mail a poster.

Buy a poster tube that the poster can properly fit into with some extra room at the ends. You can buy poster tubes at the post office, stationery stores, office supplies stores and from mail and packing centers

Roll the poster from end to end tightly enough so that it fits inside the tube with room to spare. Cinemasterpieces suggests rolling it to a 1 ½ inch diameter so there’s plenty of air space around the poster when placed in the mailing tube.

Put the poster inside the tube. Do not put any rubber bands around the poster or tape on it, as this could rip the poster. Add mailing cushions at the ends, if the poster moves around or for extra protection. You can purchase these where you buy the mailing tube, or simply wrap bubble wrap or paper towels around the ends of the poster.

Put the plastic caps on the ends of the tube and tape them down to keep the caps from popping off and the poster from falling out while in transition.

Things You'll Need

  • Mailing tube
  • Bubble wrap or paper towels
  • Packaging or shipping tape


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